NewHaven.IO goes to the White House

President Obama has launched an initiative called TechHire.

You can read the official version, but here’s my summary: there are lots of well-paying technology jobs, and not enough people to fill them. Those jobs could bring lower-income families firmly into the middle class, if only they could get the right skills. The jobs don’t necessarily require a four-year degree; programs like The Flatiron School and General Assembly teach people to program in months, and it seems to work: nearly all graduates are quickly hired. How can we get more people trained like this?

Part of the TechHire plan is to support “local tech community gatherings who can welcome these new students to their tech meet-ups.” They’ve partnered with, and Meetup reached out to growing tech-oriented Meetups – including NewHaven.IO.

Tomorrow, they’re holding a Tech Meetup at the White House, for the organizers of about 30 tech meetups to share stories, and learn from each other – and NewHaven.IO will be there. If you’d like, you can watch a livestream of the event.

As one of NewHaven.IO’s founders and organizers, I’m happy that we’ve gained enough traction to be noticed. As the current organizer of the group, I’m excited to attend the White House tech meetup. This is my first time running such a successful volunteer organization, so, while I’m ready to share the lessons we’ve learned, I’m eager to learn from the other organizers, to hear what’s worked for them, and how they’ve served their community, so we can make NewHaven.IO even better.