Come to the Hartford Ruby Brigade’s January Meeting

As we trudge back to our regular schedules after assorted holiday debaucheries, here’s a heartening thought: Hartford.rb is meeting on Monday, 1/26! Gary Wright will tell us the story of how he learned Git, and some lucky stiff will walk away with a free copy of The Rails Way. We’ll even have pizza — though we’re now on the look-out for a pizza sponsor, so if you know anyone looking to feed us (for only ~$50 a month!), it might even be free.

The usual details:
Monday, 1/26, 6 – 8 PM
750 Main St, Hartford

See you soon.

One thought on “Come to the Hartford Ruby Brigade’s January Meeting

  1. Hi Dan:

    I saw your question about IEEE activity on the Hartford Ruby Brigade forum. I am the Chair of the Connecticut Section of IEEE this year.

    We have a chapter of Computer Society, chaired by Sanjiv Rai. At the local level, our members generate activity. If you, as a member, wanted to organize a workshop, we would be very happy to support you.

    Also, we’d be happy to include your meeting announcements in our monthly newsletter. We expect some of our members would be interested in your activities.

    Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any IEEE questions you might have.

    Thank you

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