Horray, The Vendor’s code is improving!

I’m happy to say the code is getting much better. This presents some new information to my thinking about off-shoring…

Along those lines, while I was at OOPSLA (I know, I didn’t post anything from there yet — getting to it), I talked with a developer from Holland whose company outsources regularly to Romania. Apparently, he gets much better code than our initial batch — he wasn’t worried about code quality, and even talked about leaving things for his developers to finish designing, so they don’t get bored. This sounds like a much healtier working relationship. I plan on emailing him soon to talk more.


One thought on “Horray, The Vendor’s code is improving!

  1. Wll Dan, you seemed really horrified by the first batch of code, it ould just be a case of it being impossible to get any worse… Kidding aside, hope the con was fun and I’m probably gonna have to call you later toorrow since I have describe a fictionalvisit I would be having from a friend for deutsch klasse.

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